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Python Dictionary fromkeys Method

In this dictionary method guide, we are going to learn all about the Python dictionary fromkeys method to create the dictionary.

dictionary fromkeys method returns a created dictionary. In the previous tutorial, we have learned the python dictionary copy() method to create a copy of the existing dictionary.

To understand this method, you should have basic knowledge of the Python dictionary.

Python Dictionary fromkeys Method

fromkeys function in Python is a dictionary built-in function, that is used to create the new dictionary with specified keys and specified value.


The syntax of python dictionary fromkeys method is:-

dictionary.fromkeys(keys, value)


Dictionary fromkeys function in Python accepts two parameters.

  • keys:- Required, An Iterable that represents the keys of the new dictionary.
  • value:- Value of all the keys. The default value is None.

Return Value

fromkeys method in Python return new created dictionary.

Python dictionary fromkeys examples


Create new dictionary with four keys.

x = ('1st', '2nd', '3rd', '4th')
y = 120
result = dict.fromkeys(x, y)


{'1st': 120, '2nd': 120, '3rd': 120, '4th': 120}


let’s see what happen, if the value not provoded.

x = ('1st', '2nd', '3rd', '4th')
result = dict.fromkeys(x)


{'1st': None, '2nd': None, '3rd': None, '4th': None}


In this guide, you have seen all about the dictionary fromkeys method to create the new python dictionary.
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