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Python Flask Tutorial for Beginners 2024

Python flask tutorial

Hello Python Programmer, Welcome to our Python Flask tutorial for beginners. In this article, we will cover only the introduction part of the Python flask and from the next tutorials, we will cover the flask tutorials practically.

What is Python Flask?

Flask is a web framework written in the Python programming language. Flask is basically a micro web framework that is used to develop mini web applications.
Python Flask is developed by Armin Ronacher of Pocoo, an international group of Python enthusiasts formed in 2004.

Python flask is based on WSGI ( Web Server Gateway Interface ) and the flask also comes with Werkzeug and Jinga ( Template engine ).

Applications that are used Python flask web frameworks are Pinterest and Linkedin.

Features of Flask

There are various features available in Python flask web framework.

  • Development server and debugger
  • Integrated support for unit testing.
  • Build RESTful web services
  • Use Jinja2 template
  • Support secure cookies
  • Based on WSGI
  • Unicode based.

Flask vs Django

Flask and Django both are Python web frameworks that are used to build web applications. Here demonstrate the difference between Python flask and Python Django.

Python flask is created in 2010.Python Django created in 2004.
Flask is a web framework written Python programming Langauge.Django is a web framework written in the Python programming language.
Python flask is a micro web framework.Django is used to build easy and simple projects.
Flask is a WSGI web framework.Django is a full-stack Python web framework.
Flask support for API.Django does not have any API.
Flask allows us to use multiple types of databases.Django does not offer multiple types of databases.
Support debuggingNo support for visual debugging.
Flask does not support any dynamic HTML Pages.Django supports dynamic HTML pages.
Flask does not have its own library.Django has its own module library.
Flask has simple documentation.Django has Robust documentation.
URL Dispatcher of the Flask web framework is RESTFul web services.URL Dispatcher of the Django web framework is based on regex.
Python Flask is suitable for single-page applications.Using the Django web framework developers can divide their projects into multiple pages.

Why should use Flask?

There are various reasons to use the Python flask web framework. You can use flask for building a single-page website. Flask is also capable for building RESTFul web services.

Python Flask Tutorial Index

For your convenience, I have mentioned all the python flask tutorial references here. These all are very helpful to explore flask article.You can read any article according to your need.


So, In this Python flask tutorial, we have seen the introduction, Benefits of the Python flask web framework.
Python flask is the most popular framework for building small web applications and RESTful web services.
If you want to develop RESTful web services , Then you can definitely go with Python flask.

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Note:- Before going through this Python flask tutorial, You should have basic knowledge of Python programming. You can follow our Python tutorials.

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