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Python Set intersection_update() Method

python set intersection_update

In this Python guide, we will go through the set itersection_update() method with the help of examples. Python set intersection_update() method is used to remove all the items that not present in the sets.

Before going through this article, you should have knowledge of Python set.

Python Set intersection_update() Method

set intersection_update() method is a set method that is used to remove all the items that are present in both sets ( or all the set passed into intersection_update() method.)


The syntax of set intersection_update() method is:-

set.intersection_update(set1, set2,.....etc)


intersection_update function in Python takes multiple parameters.

  • set1 – Required. A set to search for equal items.
  • set2 – Optional. A set to search for equal items.

Return Value

set intersection_update() method does not return new set it update the original set.

Set intersection_update() example

Example 1:

set1 = {'Python', 'Java', 'JavaScript', 'C++'}
set2 = {'HTML', 'CSS', 'Python', 'C++'}

Output will be:- {‘C++’, ‘Python’}

Example 2:

my_set1 = {'Python', 'Java', 'JavaScript', 'C++'}
my_set2 = {'HTML', 'CSS', 'Python', 'C++'}
my_set3 = {'Ruby','C++','Python', 'Lua'}
result = my_set1.intersection(my_set2, my_set3)

Output will be:- {‘C++’, ‘Python’}


Here we have learned all about the intersection_update function in python. Python set intersection() method returns a new set that contains only items that exist in both sets. intersection function in Python accepts more than one parameters

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