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Python String zfill() Method:

Python String zfill

In this tutorial, you will learn all about the Python string zfill() method to add zeros ( 0 ) at the beginning of the string.
This is the best string function to add zeros as leading characters.

In the previous tutorial, we have seen the Python string encode() method to encode the string.

Python string zfill() method

Python string zfill the method is used to add zeros ( 0 ) at the beginning of the string, until specified length.


The syntax of Python string zfill() method:



The zfill function in Python accepts one parameter.

  • len:- Required. A number specifying the position of the element you want to remove.

Note:- If the specified length is less than the length of the string, Then it will not work.

Return Value

zfill() method return new string.

Python string zfill() example

Let’s understand zfill function in Python using different examples.

Example 1:

a = 'Programming Funda'
result = a.zfill(30)

Output will be:- ‘0000000000000Programming Funda

Example 2:

my_str = 'Python'
result = my_str.zfill(4)

The output will be:- ‘Python


In this tutorial, you have learned the Python string zfill method to add zeros at the beginning of the string. zfill method adds zeros only beginning of the string.

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