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Python bin() Function

python bin function

In this python built-in functions tutorial, we are going to learn all about the Python bin function to get the binary value of a specified integer.
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What is Python bin() Function?

Python bin function is a built-in function that is used to find the binary value of a specified integer. The result of the bin function in python will always start with the prefix 0b.


The syntax of the bin function in python is:-



bin function in Python accepts only one parameter which is an integer.

  • n:– Required An Integer.

Return Value

The return value of the bin function in python is a binary value. The output will always start with 0b.

Python bin function example

Here we will use the bin method in Python to get the binary version of a given integer.

Example 1: Convert integer to binary using Python bin function

Find the binary value of 20 using the bin function.

x = 20

Output will be:- 0b10100

Example 2: Convert integer to binary using a user-defined function

The binary value of 50.

def int_to_bin(num):
    if type(num) == int:
        return bin(num)
        return "You entered wrong number to convert binary."

# convert 100 to bin

# try to convert string to bin


You entered wrong number to convert binary.

Example 3: User-defined object to binary using bin() and index method

Here, we will convert the user-defined objects to binary using the bin() method and __index__() special method. The __index__() method will always return a positive integer and it can not be raised exception if the number is not an integer.

class intToBin:

    # constructor
    def __init__(self, num):
        self.num = num

    # method to return binary value
    def __index__(self):
        return (self.num)

# pass int to class
obj1 = intToBin(12)


Binary value is:- 


In this tutorial, you have learned the bin method in python to find the binary value of a given integer. This is the best python built-in function for getting binary values.

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