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Python complex() Function

In this tutorial, we are going to learn all about the Python complex() function. complex function in python is used to return the complex number with a real and imaginary number.

In the previous python tutorial, we have seen all about the Python chr() function along with examples.

Python complex() function

Python complex function is a Python built-in function that is used to return the complex number by specifying the real and imaginary number.


The syntax of complex function in python is:-

complex(real, imaginary)


complex method in python accepts two parameters:-

  • real:- Required, A number that represents the real part of the complex number.
  • imaginary:- Optional, A number representing the imaginary part of the complex number.

Return Value

The return value of the complex method in python is a complex number with real and imaginary part.

Python complex function example

Here we will take some examples to understand python complex method.

Example 1:

Use complex function with single parameter.

result = complex(12)

Output will be:- (12+0j)

Example 2:

Use complex function with first and second parameter.

result = complex(23, 30)

Output will be:- (23+30j)

Example 3:

Convert a string into complex number:-

x = '30+50j'
result = complex(x)

Output will be:- (30+50j)


In this tutorial, you have learned all about the Python complex function that is a part of Python’s built-in functions.
This is the best function to create complex numbers as well as convert strings to complex numbers.

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