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What is Ribbon in Excel?

What is Ribbon in Excel

In this Excel tutorial, we will explore all about Ribbon in Excel and more interesting things about Microsoft Excel Ribbon. If you don’t know what is Ribbon in Excel then stay with this article till the end and after the end of this article will have complete knowledge about Excel Ribbon.

Let’s start!

What is Ribbon in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, the Ribbon is the top header of the Excel window and it has a row of Tabs where all the options are mentioned. In Excel Ribbon. Each tab has a group of options that we can use when we are using Microsoft Excel.

Ribbon in Excel is made of four basic components which are Tabs, Groups, Dialog Launcher, and Command Button.

  • Tabs:- Tabs contain multiple commands which are divided into groups.
  • Groups:- It is a set of related commands.
  • Dialog Launcher:- It is a small arrow in the lower right corner of a group that is used to bring up more related commands.
  • Command Button:- It is also a button that we can to perform a specific task.
Ribbon in Excel
Ribbon in Excel

Let’s discuss all the tabs of Microsoft Excel Ribbon one by one.

File Tab

The file tab in the Excel ribbon provides a backstage view of all the important options like creating a new workbook, opening an existing workbook, print a workbook, save, save as and so many options.

Your File Tab will be like this.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel File Tab

Home Tab

Home Tab is one of the most frequently used by the Excel users and Home tab is the default tab in Microsoft Excel. It contains the most frequently used options in different groups like Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Numbers, Styles, Cells, Editing, etc. Each group has multiple options.

As you can see below, The Home Tab looks like this.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel Home Tab

Insert Tab

The insert tab is used to insert new things in the worksheet. The things could be pivot tables, tables, pictures, shapes, icons, charts, and so many things. The insert tab has various features that can be inserted into an Excel worksheet as per project requirements.

This is a view of the Insert Tab in excel.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel Insert Tab

Page Layout Tab

The Page Layout Tab has the functionality to customize the layout of the page when we want to print the pages.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel Page Layout Tab

Formulas Tab

The Formulas Tab is also an important Tab in Excel which has various groups along with different formulas. The Formula tab provides approximately all kinds of formulas that can be used to get the expected output.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel Formulas Tab

Data Tab

This one is also an important tab in Excel because data is most important in Microsoft Excel. This Data tab allows us to get the data from multiple source systems like CSV, Excel, Text, Web and External Database, and so on. It also allows us to manage the data.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel Data Tab

Review Tab

The Review Tab is used to perform various controlling options like spelling checking, Workbook Statistics, Translate, and so many other things.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel Review Tab

View Tab

The View Tab is used to change the view of the worksheet like Zooming, zooming to the selection, Freeze Panes, Split, Hide, Switch window, etc.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel View Tab

Help Tab

The Help tab provides support for Microsoft like Contact Support, Feedback, New Things in Excel, Community, etc.

Ribbon in Excel
Excel Help Tab

Let’s see how can we show and hide the ribbon in Excel.

How to Hide the Ribbon in Excel?

Let’s see how can we hide the ribbon in Excel. To hide the ribbon in Excel we have to follow some basic steps.

  • Choose any Tab, Right click on the ribbon, and select Collapse the Ribbon. As you can see below screenshot, I have chosen the Home Tab right-clicked in the blank area, and finally chose the Collapse the Ribbon button.
Ribbon in Excel
Hide Ribbon in Excel

This is how you can hide the ribbon in Excel.

How to Show Ribbon in Excel?

To show or unhide the ribbon in Excel just follow the following steps.

  • Choose any Tab, Right-click anywhere in the ribbon area, and then choose to unselect the Collapse the Ribbon.
Ribbon in Excel
Show Ribbon in Excel
👉Note:- If you want to hide and show ribbon in excel then just press the Ctrl + F1 from keyboard.

How to Customize Ribbon in Excel?

Excel allows us the customize the ribbon as per our requirement which always enchance the producticity of the Excel. You can also rearrange the Tabs in Ribbon.
To customize the ribbon in Excel, right-click anywhere in the Ribbon area of any Tab and then choose Customize the Ribbon.

Now you will get a popup where all the ribbon customization will appear.

Let’s see How can we add a new tab along with the group and command.

  • Click on the New Tab button at the bottom, After Clicking on the New Tab button, a new tab will be created with the named New Tab.
Customize Ribbon in Excel
Customize Ribbon in Excel
  • To rename with a new name, right-click on the New Tab name and select Rename option.
Customize Ribbon in Excel
Customize Ribbon in Excel
  • Provide the new name of the Tab and then click OK. In my case, I have provided the ‘ProgrammingFunda‘.
  • Same as, right click on New Group and select the Rename option. In my case, I have renamed the group name with Picture.
  • To add a new command to the group, Select the group, choose the command name, and the click on add button. In My case, I have provided the insert picture command to the Picture group in the ProgramingFunda Tab.
Customize Ribbon in Excel
Customize Ribbon in Excel
  • After following step number 5, The Insert command will be successfully added to the Picture group of the ProgrammingFunda tab.
Customize Ribbon in Excel
  • Finally, click on OK.

After performing all the steps successfully, Your new Tab will like this.

Customize Ribbon in Excel
Added a new Tab

This is how you can add a new Tab along with group and Command in Microsoft Excel as per your requirement.

How to Enable Developer in Excel?

Developer Tab in Microsoft is one of the most important features that allow us to create macros and import/export XML files to insert controls.

Let’s see how we can enable developer mode in Excel.

  • Right-click anywhere in the ribbon area.
  • Click on the Customize the Ribbon.
  • Select the Developer option and then click on OK.
Enable Developer in Excel
Enable Developer in Excel
  • Now Developer Tab will be shown in the Tabs area.
Enable Developer in Excel
Enabled Developer in Excel


So throughout this article, we have seen all about ribbons in Excel with the proper explanation. If you are new to Excel then it will be very helpful for you.

A ribbon is a row of tabs and each tab has different-different groups along with different-different commands. If you found this article helpful, please share and keep visiting for further interesting Excel tutorials.

Thanks for your valuable time…