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C Programming Tutorial 2023

C Programming Tutorial

In this C programming tutorial, we are going to learn C programming. It can be sued to develop software like operating systems, databases, compilers, and so on.
This is the first C programming tutorial of our C tutorial series. In this tutorial series, we will cover approx all the basics to advance C topics which are mandatory to learn for beginner programmers as well as professional programmers.

In this c programming tutorial, we will see the introduction of C programming, and also we will see some examples of C programming. Our Online C tutorial is designed for beginners as well as professionals.

What is C programming?

C is a general-purpose, cross-platform, procedural computer programming language that supports structural programming. C programming is founded by Dennis Ritchie in 1972.

The C programming language is also called mother-level language because it provides the facility to interact with hardware through the C program.
C Programming is used to develop system applications, database applications, games, and so on.

C is a compiled programming language, Which means when we execute a C program, Then compiler converts source code to machine code with the same file name but a different extension and Then execute.

Some important points of C programming:

  • C is a general-purpose programming language.
  • C is a cross-platform programming language.
  • C programming is able to directly interact with hardware.
  • C is a structural programming language.
  • C uses a compiler to convert source code to machine code.
  • C programming is the base language for other programming languages.
  • C is a case-sensitive language, which means upper case and lower case are treated differently.
  • Instructions of C programming executed step by step.

Why we need to learn C programming?

There are various reasons to learn the C programming language.
let’s see some important points.

  • If you want to become a game developer, Then C programming will help you to develop games.
  • C programming will help you to directly interact with Hardware. You can retrieve information from hardware easily.
  • If you want to develop a desktop application, standalone application, database application, and Games, Then C is mandatory.
  • After learning C programming, You can easily understand another programming like Python, Java, and C++.

C Program Examples:

Here will see two different C programs.

Example 1:

//In this example we will print simple message.
#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
    // Write C code here
    printf("Welcome to the first C tutorial.");
    return 0;


Welcome to the first C tutorial.

Example 2:

In this C example we will add two numbers:

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
    // Write C code here
    int x, y;
    printf("Enter the first number:- ");
    scanf("%d", &x);
    printf("Enter the second number:- ");
    scanf("%d", &y);
    printf("Addition of %d and %d is :- %d", x, y, x + y);
    return 0;


Enter the first number:- 23
Enter the second number:- 35
Addition of 23 and 35 is:- 58

Note:- if you do not understand the C program in the above example, Don’t worry about it, in later upcoming C programming tutorial, You will be able to work with C programming.

Features of C Programming Language:

There are a lot of features available in the C programming language.

General Purpose Language:- C programming is a general-purpose programming language, Which means C is used to build desktop applications, editing software, Database applications.

Fast:– C programming is a fast programming language rather than other computer programming languages.

Procedural Language:- C language is a procedural programming language, it means the C program executes step by step.

Statically typed: C programming language is a statically typed programming language. Meaning the type of variable is checked at the time of compilation but not at run time.

Library and rich function:- C programming language provide rich libraries and function which make c programming easy.

Portability:- C is a portable language, You can write and execute a C program in any operating system.

Middle-level language:- C programming language is a combination of assembly language and high-level language.

Rich set of built-in operators:- C programming language provides a rich set of built-in operators.

Memory management:- C programming supports the concept of dynamic memory application. Using the free() function you can free the memory at any time.


In this C programming tutorial, you have learned the basic introduction of C programming and its features with a simple program.
If you are completely new in the programming field, Then you can go with C programming, Because it is the base language for every programmer.

In the upcoming C programming tutorial, we will see all the topics of C programming.
I hope you will like this article, If you like this article please comment and share with friends who want to learn C programming from scratch to advanced.

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