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Online JavaScript Tutorial

Online JavaScript Tutorial

In this online JavaScript tutorial, we will learn all about JavaScript. JavaScript is a fast and lightweight client-side programming language. If you are searching for the best javascript tutorial on the internet, Then this is the best javascript tutorial for beginners as well as professionals.

In this JavaScript tutorial, we mentioned all the basic to advanced topics that are useful to become a JavaScript developer.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the word’s most popular programming language. It is a programming language for the web.
If you want to become a web developer, Then you can’t ignore JavaScript because JavaScript plays a major role in web applications.
JavaScript is a lightweight and cross-platform object-oriented programming.JavaScript is interpreted language not compile language, That means JavaScript code executes line by line.

If you learn JavaScript, Then you can easily understand all the JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, React, Angular, etc.

Features of JavaScript:

There are lots of features in JavaScript:

  • All popular web browsers support JavaScript.
  • JavaScript supports object-oriented programming and also uses inheritance.
  • JavaScript is a lightweight interpreted language.
  • JavaScript can be used on servers.
  • JavaScript can be used to manipulate HTML DOM.
  • JavaScript is a case-sensitive language.
  • JavaScript support multiple operating systems including, Windows, macOS, etc.
  • There are many JavaScript frameworks and Libraries available.
  • JavaScript is a weakly typed language, Where certain types are implicit cast.

What can JavaScript Do?

JavaScript is able to:

  • Add new HTML to the page, changing the existing content, Modify styles.
  • Get and Set Cookies.
  • Save the data on client-side or local storage.
  • React to a user action, run on mouse clicks, Pointer movements, Keypress.
  • Send a request to the server, Accept the response from the server ( using jQuery and AJAX ).

Online JavaScript Tutorial Index:

An Introduction

  • An introduction of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Editors
  • Developer Console

JavaScript Fundamentals

JavaScript Objects

  • Definitions
  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Display
  • Accessors
  • Constructors
  • Prototypes

JavaScript Functions

  • Definitions
  • Parameters
  • Invocation
  • Call
  • Apply
  • Closures

JavaScript Class and Object

  • Class basic syntax
  • Class inheritance
  • Static properties and methods
  • Private and protected properties and methods
  • Class checking

JavaScript Data Types

  • String
  • String Methods
  • Arrays
  • Date Format
  • Arrays methods
  • Array sort
  • Iterables
  • Date get methods
  • Date set methods

JavaScript HTML DOM

  • DOM into
  • DOM Methods
  • DOM Document
  • DOM Navigation
  • DOM Elements
  • DOM Nodes
  • DOM Animation
  • DOM Events
  • DOM Event Listener
  • DOM Collections
  • DOM Node Lists

JavaScript Browser BOM

  • Window
  • Screen
  • Location
  • History
  • Navigation
  • Popup Alert
  • Timing
  • Cookies
  • Storage


In this tutorial, We have seen the basic introduction of JavaScript as well as features of JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most popular client-side scripting language that allows to update and change HTML and CSS.

To become an expert web developer, you have to learn JavaScript, If we don’t know something about JavaScript, don’t worry our JavaScript tutorial completely designed for you.

If you are beginners in JavaScript, Then this is the best JavaScript tutorial for beginners as well as professionals.

I hope this article will help you. if you like this article, please share it with friends who want to become a JavaScript developer.

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